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If you don’t want to deal with the process of compiling your app, or you don’t want to spend your time uploading your app to the Apple app store or Google Play , let us do the work for you!


190 €

iOS  App
Android  App
Build & Publish
One time payment


Publish PRO

290 €

iOS  App
Android  App
Build & Publish
One time payment

All EXTENSIONS included

save more than 250€!


A solution for professionals

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For a limited time:

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Worona is right now in beta version. This means that, even though it is fully functional and works smoothly, there are some improvements that need to be done in order to  reach the amazingness we will offer in Worona 1.0.

We are working hard to make Worona the best WordPress-to-app converter, but, until we release Worona 1.0, we offer you this amazing deal: you pay 250€, and you'll get Worona with all the extensions developed by us (current and coming ones), and free upgrades FOREVER!

Publish service includes

Free updates

Don’t worry about Worona’s upcoming versions. Every time a new version of the App or any of the extensions is released, we will update your App.

Configuration & Build

We take care of the configuration and the building process of your App so you don't have to worry about techy stuff like code, simulators or compilers.

Submission to the stores

We will go through the stores submission process for you to publish your Apps. You'll only have to provide the icons and descriptions of your choice.

Frequent Questions

What should I provide for the App submission?
Only the URL of your site, an icon, a splash screen image for the App, and the info that appears in the description of the App in the stores. Easy as filling in a form!
Do I need an Apple or Google developer account?
No. We will publish your App in Worona’s account, so you don’t have to pay Google or Apple to have your own account.
How much would it cost submitting my App on my own?
In order to submit an app to Google Play and App Store you need Google and Apple developer accounts.

The Google developer account costs 25€ (one time fee), and the Apple one costs 99€ per year. That is 124€ the first year, and 99€ the following ones.

In addition to this cost, submitting an App is not an easy process, and the first couple of times will take several hours to be completed.
How does the submission process work?
Once you have provided the information mentioned above, we will submit your App to Google Play and Apple Appstore within 3 – 5 business days.

The App has then to be approved by Google and Apple to appear in their stores. Google usually takes 1 – 2 days to approve an App, while Apple takes 2 – 3 weeks.
If the App is submitted to Worona’s account, who owns the copyright of the content of the App?
You. Your content is, and ALWAYS be yours. Even if the App is uploaded to Worona’s account.
Can you submit my App to my own Apple or Google developer account?
Yes. Our Enterprise plan offers submitting your app to your own account. Contact us for more info!

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