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Worona Publish saves you the hassle and the time that it takes to submit your app to the stores.

Worona Publish 🚀

We publish your app to the Stores
✅   Premium support
✅   Your app published in 7 days
✅   No developer accounts required
✅   290€ one time payment
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The simplest way of publishing your app

Free updates
Don’t worry about Worona’s upcoming versions. Every time a new version of the app or any of the extensions is released, we will update your app.
Config & build
We handle the configuration and building process of your app. Don't worry about all the technical requirements. Just order and get everything done.
App submission
We will go through the whole submission process for you. You'll only have to provide your app name and icons, we will take care of the rest.


Do I have to pay a monthly fee?
No, there are no monthly fees. Our submission service has a one-time-payment policy. Even if we change it in the future, it won't affect existing customers.
Can you publish an app to my own developer accounts?
Yes, we can transfer the apps to your own developer accounts. This service has an extra fee. If you are interested, please contact us at hello@worona.org.
Do you have enterprise solutions?
Of course. If you need to whitelabel our apps, want to use your own developer accounts or want volume prices send us an email to hello@worona.org.
What happens if you release a new version of the app?
Your app will be automatically updated, no need of publishing a new version to the stores.
Do I need an Apple or Google developer account?
No, you don't. We will upload your app to Worona’s account so you don’t have to pay Google or Apple to have your own accounts.
If my app is submitted to Worona’s account, who owns the copyright of its content?
You. Your content is, and it will always be yours. Even if your app is uploaded to Worona's account. You also have the right to remove your app from the stores when you want.
How does the submission service work?
We will submit your app to Google Play and the App Store within 7 business days.

Once submitted, your app will have to be approved by Google and Apple to appear in their stores. Google usually takes less than one day to approve an app, while Apple requires a review that takes up to an additional 15 business days.

Our team will keep you informed at each stage of the submission and approval process.

Worona Publish 🚀

We publish your app to the Stores
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