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We also have an extended F.A.Q page with more information.

Is Worona Free?
Yes, Worona is free and there are no tricks. Our platform is free and open source, and it will always be.
Do I have to pay a monthly fee?
No, there are no monthly fees. Worona is free unlike other WordPress plugins providing a similar service.
Why do I need Worona instead of a responsive theme?
You don’t have to choose between Worona or a responsive theme.

Creating a website with a responsive design has become essential these days, but is no longer enough. In Google’s report, “The Need for Mobile Speed”, they found that 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load. Waiting for pages to load is what users dislike the most when browsing the mobile web.

Worona significantly improves your mobile site's performance. It helps you create a fast and a smooth mobile experience in a very easy way, which means bigger audiences and more chances for engagement.
Will you publish my app to the stores?
App submission is not included in our free product, but we offer a premium service to publish your Android app on Google Play if you don't want to handle this process yourself.

Worona Publish service is the most convenient way of publishing your Android app as it saves you time and hassle. Learn more about it here.

However, if you don't want to use our premium service, you can always do it yourself following our documentation and getting the source code of your app for free.
Can I publish an app without paying the developer accounts to Apple and Google?
For the moment, the only way to submit an app to the App Store and Google Play is by having your own developer accounts.

This is why even though Worona is free, you still have to spend some money in order to have your app published.
Do I have to activate all the mobile channels?
No, you don't. You can choose from our mobile channels or solutions which ones you want to activate. All of them are free. Make your choice and our platform will do the rest.
Do I need any technical skills to use Worona?
Of course not! Our dashboard lets you configure your mobile apps and other solutions with just a few clicks, no need of programming or technical skills.
Do you have enterprise solutions?
Yes, we do. If you need to whitelabel our apps, want to use your own developer accounts or want volume prices send us an email to
What happens if you release a new version of the app?
Your app will be automatically updated, no need of publishing a new version to the stores.