The world is mobile.
Is your WordPress ready?

Worona is the all-in-one solution that makes your website mobile-ready.

Easy to use. Free forever.
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Responsive is no longer enough

Delivering compelling mobile experiences is what makes a difference. Connect your WordPress website to our platform and make it available for all mobile channels in one click:

android and ios mobile apps
Mobile Apps
Easily turn your WordPress into a native iOS or Android app and submit it to the app stores.
progressive web apps
HTML5 Web App
Serve an app-like version of your site running on any mobile web browser. Deliver the best mobile web experience.
google amp
Google AMP
AMP is a mobile format developed by Google. It allows your content to load instantly at the top of Google Search results.
facebook instant articles
Facebook Instant Articles
Instant Articles is a solution for publishers who distribute their stories on Facebook and want them to perform better on mobile.
Higher engagement
Increase in loading speed & performance
Reach a bigger audience

All the must-have features

Getting your site ready for mobile can be time-consuming, frustrating and expensive, but we believe it doesn’t have to be that way. That's why we removed all barriers.

wordpress mobile app
Easy to configure
An easy-to-use and simple platform for everyone. No coding required.
Free forever
Worona is 100% free and it will always be. We strongly support a free, open internet.
Live Preview
Real time view to make sure your content always displays appropriately.
Cloud Platform
No need to install any extra tool in your computer. We’ve put everything in one place.


Add new features as you need them: Push notifications, Analytics, Ads...


Choose among a wide variety of themes and easily customize colors, fonts & logos.

Worona is an open source initiative. The code behind our software is openly shared and available so you can create your own extensions and themes.

Easy to use. Free forever.

WordPress & Worona: better together

WordPress & Worona deliver a standout mobile experience that transforms the way publishers and brands interact with their audiences.

WordPress was designed with desktop computers in mind.
Using Worona & WordPress your site performs great in all devices.

Here’s what people think

“We like the Worona Platform and have faith in it evolving into a great product!”
Albert Koch
“Thanks for this great plugin. The fact that you guys give it for free is awesome already.”
Sybe Bron
“I wanted to see what was available in the app building market and Worona provides even more than my requirements."
Lennerth Kamsteeg
“Being a WordPress developer for over 6 years, I truly believe this project is amazing.”
Luzia Udine

Not convinced yet? You can read more here.

Go WordPress mobile, it’s free!

We are passionate about making a better WordPress mobile experience for everyone.

Thank you! Enjoy Worona :)
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