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Turn your WordPress into an App

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Complete your site with a mobile app:

In every Pocket

Let users carry your app right in their pockets.

Read offline

The app allows your users to read your posts even when they don't have internet.

Push notifications

Keep your users up to date sending push notifications.

Drive more traffic

Increase user engagement, your readers will spend more time reading your content.

Do it yourself or let us do the publication for you:



Do it yourself!
Open Source Project
Android & iOS app

save more than 250€!



iOS app
Android app
Build & Publish
One time payment


Publish PRO


iOS App
Android app
Build & Publish
One time payment

All EXTENSIONS included



A solution for professionals

Bulk Prices
Custom Features
Include your branding
Private Developer Accounts

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choose the features you need.
We have developed a set of extensions to add extra features to your app. You can start with the simple App and pay only for the features you need.
You can also create your own extensions, Worona code is open source and extensible!

Here’s what people think

“We like the Worona Platform and have faith in it evolving into a great product!”
Albert Koch
“Congrats on the experience you have created! You have a great service, by the way.”
Jessica Kim
“I wanted to see what was available in the app building market and Worona provides even more than my requirements."
Lennerth Kamsteeg
“Being a WordPress developer for over 6 years, I truly believe this project is amazing.”
Luzia Udine
“It is really cool stuff what you are developing here, and the potential is HUGE!”
Vincent Mart
“Thanks for this great plugin. The fact that you guys give it for free is awesome already.”
Sybe Bron
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Worona Free?
Yes, Worona is free, and there are no tricks. Our product is free and Open Source and it will always be.
Do I have to pay a monthly fee?
No, there are no monthly fees. Worona is free unlike other plugins. 

Worona runs directly in your WordPress site, with no platforms in the middle. That's why you don't have to pay to use the plugin.
Can I publish an App without paying the Developer Accounts to Apple and Google?
For the moment, the only way to publish an app on the Apple App Store or Google Play is by having a Developer Account. This is why even though Worona is free, you still have to spend some money in order to have your App published.
Do you have enterprise solutions?
How is your project funded?
We sell additional services such as uploading your app to the stores or premium extensions. However, you can always upload it to the stores yourself and create your own extensions or use the free ones we or other people will provide.
Why do I need a Mobile App instead of a responsive theme?
We think you don't have to choose between both solutions. With a Mobile App your users can read the content even when they don’t have internet connection, they can receive push notifications every time new posts are available and you can drive more engagement on your content.

For example, sites like Amazon, Youtube and Buzzfeed have both: a Mobile App and a Responsive web.
What happens if you release a new version of the App?
We will notify you so you can get the new code and build your new App. If you have purchased our publish service you don’t have to worry, we will take care of everything.